a trick of the light

when I was a child
I played Loki the norse trickster god
in the class play
& one of my lines was:

where there’s a wall
there’s a way.

too often
we fear the trickster.

we forget she is essential
for she teaches us how
to scale walls.



when is enough
when do you pick yourself up off the floor
kiss each broken piece with a new mother's tenderness
and promise to put yourself back together?
from whence comes that moment of grace
when clarity splits the atoms of your understanding
and you realize who you are?


your prison
is your
your cage
an open sky
for why would you 
create if not
from space confined
wise women know
the caged bird's song
wise men
the battle cry
of soul unleashed
from genie's lamp
of hands from
rope untied.
curse not your chains nor weights of stone
for without them art would be unknown.