no rules

there are stories 
that live
in worlds
without rules
where the telling
need not make sense
where beliefs
have no need for precedent
where the stage
is set with
broad brush strokes
where the laws of physics 
need not be observed

& where the important part
isn’t the story itself
but the invisible things
it made you feel

again & again

it seems to me that all these books
contain again & again
a single truth
each breath
each page
an iteration never-ending
we seek it
in each new
until one day
if we're lucky
we see we've held it
in our hands all along.
even the wisest among us
so long as they draw breath
are fated to repeat
the lesson over and over.
the only difference
between the enlightened & you & I
is that the masters do not read doom
in each new trial.
instead they welcome with open arms 
the certainty of loss & the uncertainty
of what is yet to come.
where we see a curse they see a blessing
& even in their weeping
they smile with all the radiance of youth.