song for the world weary


When your bones are heavy
Willing to sink to the earth,
Walk now to a quiet place
With plodding footsteps; go slowly
Into the place where the world will not overcome you.

Sometimes my place is the woods, where
The voices belong to birds
And the trees listen with infinite understanding.
Sometimes my place is a keyboard by the window
And my fingers weave a spiderweb of words.
Sometimes my place is the couch because my heart
Is simply heavy as a stone and refuses to budge.

All of these things will pass.
Your thoughts and feelingsโ€”your
Aches and pains, your heartache.
All of it will dissolve someday,
Replaced only by light.
Your decision lies in the dissolving.
Will you hang on bitterly
To the sinking stones, or will you swimโ€”
Even if you must kick and gaspโ€”
To the surface, to the light,
And let that which does not serve you fall?
It is always our choice, yours and mine.
Our power lies always in this choice.


Thank you for reading and peace be with you, ๐ŸŒŸ -Jenna



5 thoughts on “song for the world weary

  1. Reblogged this on the wishing well and commented:
    Friends, I’ve started blogging again at a new address: Below is a sample post. Posts will still be dedicated to mental health, with more of a focus on spirituality. Spirituality and mindfulness has been essential to my healing and learning to cope day to day with anxiety and depression. I’m ready to share that part of myself with you all. Follow me at if you’re interested in sharing the journey. I miss you all and would love to get back in touch. Peace be with you, Jenna


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